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Drive Backup

Complete system backup !

Putting important files from your computer on to a backup drive, is ok unless the entire drive fails, then you'll need to use your restore media - created when you first used your machine, or supplied with it. Having a complete Digital Image of your drive, is a complete backup of all your operating system, applications and files, saving many hours finding your applications, drivers, backups, product keys etc.

Can be done on any Windows pc or server by us, or installed and automatically backed up to removable backup drives.

Have us make a Drive image for more peace of mind.

We can keep a copy of your drive, or you can keep it on a spare external drive (kept safe).
Backup and restore times will depend on data amount used, typically 1 hour each way.
Saving an average of 4 hours to restore from scratch.
Restore will be only as current as the last time it was made.

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