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For business or home

New workstations/servers/storage, network, broad band equipment & services, maintenance, web hosting, office 365, antivirus, data destruction, equipment reclaimation & recycling (Torbay area), data protection, refurbished equipment, spare parts.

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Help to discuss hardware, software &
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Business Software

End To End Solutitons

Complete I.T solutions
Open source & Brand Name

Cyber security

Don't get caught by fake emails, scam phone calls !

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backup data !

What happens when your sole backup fails ?

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Recycle, re-purpose

Recycle and re-use old equipment where possible.

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Speed up slow computer

For business or home

Have your computer sped up using a Solid state drive to make things far quicker.
Boot times go from 30-40 seconds to 5-10 seconds

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